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Welcome to the Scalapay Integration & Developer Portal. You'll find comprehensive guides and API documentation to help you start working with Scalapay as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Let's jump right in!

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For Shopify, our integration team will take care of the integration from start to finish. Contact our team to program the intervention on your site and get more information.

Please carefully read the next pages to get important information about Shopify integrations
Here the necessary steps to follow to activate Scalapay on the site:

Step 1: Getting Ready

We need a direct access to install our app.
Our collaborators [email protected] will send you an access request. Grant access and follow the next steps.
Store has to be enabled to install private apps


Important: enable the store to create private apps from:

Step 2 - Create a Scalapay manual payment method

Once the app has been installed we need you to create a new manual payment method in the shop.
The features will be communicated to you in your Jira Integration ticket. Keep it deactivated for now

Step 3 - Testing and Go Live

Whenever we are ready to test we will ask you to enable the new payment method.
Once tests have been completed we will activate Scalapay live on you site.

If you have any specific questions or doubts, please refer to the contact in your personal Jira ticket.

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