The integration of the Scalapay app is faster than ever.
Our app allows your customers to pay in 3 installments with an enjoyable experience for you and you customers.

Install the App
Configure the App
Test and Go Live

⇲Install the App

To configure the Scalapay plugin, go to “Settings / Plugins” and select the Scalapay
You need to add the key to connect to the Scalapay API.
• Test API key: for studio, test environment.
• Live API key: for Cloud, production environment.
Proceed in the activation of the app.


➡Configure the App


Following you can find instructions in order to Scalapay appear at checkout.

Scalapay payment system configuration

  1. To configure the Scalapay payment system, access "Settings / Payment systems".

  2. Here, you can create a new payment system or edit an existing one. If "New payment system" is selected, the system shows us a creation wizard.
    a) First we select “Scalapay”, as a plugin.


b) The display name is set.


c) The connection parameters are configured. In this case, you can leave the default
values. Show widget, allows you to enable or disable the display of the Scalapay
widget at checkout.


d) At this time, you can activate the payment system.

  1. Save Changes is already configured in the system and will be available depending on
    the configuration.

  2. Additional settings. The payment system has additional generic settings for all systems.

a) Configure display texts.
In this case, it is recommended to add the following texts:
▪ «Pay in 3 installments without interest»
▪ «Pague en 3 cuotas iguales, sin interés!»


Scalapay text is standard. Please do not use different texts.

b) Increase, values related to the order total.
c) Users / Groups: configure users who will have access to the system.
d) Countries/ zones: configure countries where the payment system will be displayed.
e) Currencies: configure the currencies of the payment system.
f) Min and Max amount: Min €5 ; Max €1500.



Unless you agreed with your salesperson specific min and max amount, you should use the standard oness.


Widget in Product and Cart Page

In order to let appear Scalapay widget also in Product and Cart page, please find here the instructions.

✔Test and Go Live

Now you should test the entire flow: You can find here the instructions