Plugin Installation & Configuration

Please follow these installation steps to install and configure Scalapay



Once you have installed and configured the plugin, be sure

Install your plugin

  1. Login on server by FTP/SFTP

  2. Copy all Scalapay folders and files and upload them in Magento_root/app/code/ folder

  3. After uploading, run following commands from magento root by ssh:

    ● php bin/magento setup:upgrade
    ● php bin/magento setup:di:compile
    ● php bin/magento cache:clean
    ● php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy (if needed)


Our Scalapay plugin is thought and developed to be ready out-of-the-box. If you have any problems or issue configurating your plugin, please contact our support



You can install Scalapay module, also using composer with this command:

composer require scalapay/scalapay-magento2

Enable Scalapay Plugin

To enable Scalapay go to:
Stores(in left side menu heading) → ConfigurationSalesPayment Methods


Enabling Scalapay will activate the plugin on the website and Scalapay will start appearing as a payment method in your checkout.

Find Scalapay under Payment Methods

  1. Open Scalapay payment tab
  2. Select Yes in drop down menu
  3. Click on the Save Config button

Enable/Disable test mode

To enable/disable test mode go to Stores > Sales > Scalapay

  1. Select Test Mode Yes (default settings) to test your integration.
  2. When Scalapay is enabled use Test Mode YES to test your integration.
  3. Make sure the API KEY (Scalapay Password) is set to the default test API: qhtfs87hjnc12kkos .



Once you have replaced the API key with your production key, if you want to enable the test mode you would need to replace the API key back with the test API.
If you enable test mode using your production API the plugin will not work and will fail to redirect to Scalapay.

Configure your plugin

Set authorized countries, languages and currencies

Before setting Countries, Languages and Currencies in Scalapay module, be aware that:

● The only authorized countries where Scalapay is Live are Austria, Belgium, Holland, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain. Contact your account manager for more information.
● The only authorized currency is Euro.

To enable a particular country select Specific Countries under Payment Applicable From.
Select the country you want to enable. This setting defines which countries (based on the shipping address) will be able to see Scalapay at checkout.
Language setting defines the language of the Scalapay widget and the store in which Scalapay will be displayed.

General Settings

Go to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Scalapay.

Max and Min order amount

In Scalapay plugin configuration, a minimum and maximum amount are set, as default, for displaying and authorizing Scalapay payment on your e-commerce platform.

The minimum amount for displaying the scalapay plugin and accepting payments is set to 5€. This amount cannot be modified.

The maximum amount payment authorized by Scalapay is set by your commercial contract. By default this amount is 300€.


This maximum amount can only be updated by a commercial agreement with Scalapay.

Set the max order amount in line with your contract. Contact your account manager if you are not sure the max order amount allowed in your store.

Number of Installments

You may set the number of installments to 3 or 4 depending on what you have agreed to in your contract.

Category restriction

Use category restriction to enable Scalapay only for certain categories.

Scalapay widget configuration

Follow these steps to configure the widget on the product page and cart. Find more information about our widget here.

Product Page

Go to Sales > Scalapay > General Settings and use the following settings to customize the widget on your product page.


To select the correct price to use for the installment calculation add the appropriate selectors in the Product Page - Price Selectors box.
To add new price CSS selector add new selectors in order of priority to use. Find all your price selectors (normal price, special price etc) and paste them in the box, separated by comma.

Use the second box Product Page - Price selector when prices are loaded by ajax. We recommend using the selector that doesn’t change dynamically.


To change Scalapay widget position change the CSS selector in Product Page - Text Position textarea.
To hide Scalapay widget on product page, Select No in Show widget dropdown.

Cart Page

The same as above goes for the cart page general settings, right below the product page ones.


If you need help identifying the right selector on your website please contact our integration team.

Checkout page

The Checkout page text is set by default and cannot be modified but could be customized with the aid of Custom CSS box.