Scalapay widget

Product page

The Scalapay’s widget will appear on the product page for all the products.
Text and pop-up are under Scalapay’s control. Widget integration will be completed by our team.

Cart page

Same widget appears also in the cart page

Scalapay’s widget will disappear if the cart total exceeds the maximum limit.


Scalapay will appear as a payment method at checkout.

It will be necessary to create a new manual payment method. This operation has to be executed by the owner, during the integration process. It’s also necessary to choose a name and a description to visualize for the customer. It’s not possible to add a logo.

Due to Shopify limitations, Scalapay will appear as available for any amount and for any address. It is possible to hide Scalapay option for specific countries or amounts only with Shopify Plus.

If the customer tries to place an order over the authorized amount or from a not allowed country, an error message will show up and the purchase won’t be completed.