Plugin test: orders & refunds

We recommend to first test and integrate the plugin on a staging environment. Follow the steps to test your integration.

Order Flow


Testing details

Find test accounts and cards here


Use the testing details to place an order in staging. You can test both a success and a failure.

  • Choose a product. Has to be below maximum amount
  • Fill up cart with fake data. Address should be Italian or French
  • Select Scalapay at checkout as a payment methods
  • Login to Scalapay with testing users
  • Insert testing cards data to complete order
  • Confirm that you've been redirected on the confirmation page of your site

How to refund an order

When you process the refund you can choose to also process the refund in Scalapay. If you choose not to or if you are using the standard refund or any other functionality, the refund in Scalapay will not be processed automatically but you will need to login into your Scalapay dashboard and process the customer refund manually.

❶ To refund an order you need to go to the Order page from the admin backend. Go on the left-sided navigation menu.
❷ Click to select the order placed using Scalapay Payment Method

❸ At the top of the Order detail page, click on the Partial refund button

❹ Fill in the quantity and amount you want to refund then press the Partial refund button at the bottom of the page



Remember to tick the box “Refund via Scalapay”. Full order will be refunded. This will be a one time refund

What’s Next