Scalapay App

The integration of the Scalapay app is faster than ever.
Our app allows your customers to pay in 3 installments with an enjoyable experience for you and you customers.

  1. Install the App

Here the link to Shopify app store where you can download the app:

First, you need to install the app by going to the "Settings" of your Shopify store. Next, go to the "Payments" section and select "Alternative Payments." You can now search for Scalapay, click on it and install the app.

  1. Activate the App

Once your app is installed, you will need to activate it via your Scalapay app settings.


You will then be redirected to a Scalapay page where you need to enter your API Key.
This API key must be activated by a Scalapay Integration Manager (you can contact them or send us an email at [email protected]) and can be found in your Merchant Scalapay Portal ( in the "Developers" section.

*If you are not a Scalapay Merchant please register on our website

  1. Test and Go live

Your Scalapay app is now activated and ready to go!

Before making it available to your customers, it is possible to enable the "Test mode" in the Scalapay app settings in order to run some test using our card here (Test Cards).

You then need to deselect the "Test mode" and select Go live to activate Scalapay correctly in live mode.

  1. Widget Product Page and Cart Page

The Scalapay Widget is available to be shown in your Product Page and Cart Page. Please check the Scalapay Widget section for more information.