Get started with Scalapay In Store

Scalapay can also be integrated In Store, giving customers the possibility to make their purchases in 3 installments.

Along with our online solution, Scalapay In store is completely free for customers who pay on time, and helps consumers to spend money responsibly, without incurring interest, commissions or extended debt rotations.

How to start integrating Scalapay into your shop?

❶ Activation

If you do not have a Scalapay merchant account, please contact our sales department or visit our official website to activate a one yourself.

❷ Integration

On the other hand, if you already have a Scalapay account, all you have to do is decide on the integration method best suited for your business.

❸ Go Live

Once the integration has been completed, please contact [email protected] to receive the materials that will be exhibited in your store, and the training on how to use Scalapay In Store.