Set Configuration

Here you can find details to how correctly configure the widget items


AttributeDefault valueDescription
amount-selectors[".price-container .price"]List of price box selectors divid
amount---The amount used as fallback if amount-selectors prop is not defined
price-box-selector-The CSS selector containing the price HTML Element.
It’s used for listening to HTML changes and re-calculate the installments.
If not valued, by default installments are re-calculate each time the HTML Element defined with amount-selectors changes.
frequency-number30Number of days between each installment
number-of-installments3Number of installments
hidefalseHide widget
hide-pricefalseHide the installment value calculated in the widget banner
min5Minimun amount to display the widget
max1500Maximum amount to display the widget
currency-positionbeforePosition of the currency
currency-displaysymbolType to display the currency
logo-size100Logo size in percentage
localeenLanguage of the labels
themeprimaryTheme of the widget
channelstandardThe widget channel. Mustbe equal to travel to render the widget travel version
typeproductThe widget type. Must be equal to checkout to render the checkout page text
show-titlefalseShow payment method title. Currently only used by widget with checkout type to render the payment method title

Settings usage

Amount Limits
Set the amount limits of the product price on pageload by adding the following attributes:



Min & Max limits

This limits are set to default to 0 and 2000: make sure to modify them accordingly to your contract!

Frequency Number
Number of days between each installment. The value for Pay in Installments is 30. For Pay Later 14


Number Of Instalment
Number of the payments with Scalapay. The values for Pay in Installments are 3 or 4. For Pay Later is 1.


Handle changes to product amount

If the product price changes, simply add the selector of the product price component to allow the widget to watch for updates and change dynamically


For pages that can have multiple prices such as a regular price and special price, simply add multiple price selectors seperated by a comma ',' and the widget will prefer the price of the first selector

amount-selectors='["#price-container .default-price", "#price-container .secondary-price"]'

Amount value

The amount prop is used as fallback if amount-selectors prop is not defined.
The value could be the price with or without the currency (i.e. 100.00 €, 100.00).


Update language

The Scalapay widget supports English, Italian, Portuguese, German, French and Spanish languages.
Set the language by adding the following attribute (valid values are 'en', 'it', 'pt', 'de', 'fr', 'es'):

locale={'en' | 'it' | 'pt' | 'de' | 'fr' | 'es'}


Option to hide programmatically the widget.

hide={true | false}

Update logo size

The value to resize the logo has to be between 60 and 120.
Only available for Pay in Installments

logo-size={logo-size} // (values with a range from 60 to 120)

Update currency position

Move the position of the currency before or after the amount.
Only available for Pay in Installments

currency-position={'before' | 'after'}

Update currency Display

Modify the code of the currency.
Only available for Pay in Installments

currency-display={'symbol' | 'code'}


Used to change the presentation of the widget
Only available for Pay Later

theme={'primary' | 'variant'}


Used to render the standard vs travel version of the widget



This field describes the widget type. Must be equal to checkout to render the checkout page text.


Show Title

This field is used only at Checkout to choose the checkout type to render the payment title.