Go Live!

Once your testing and configuration is complete, you can proceed and activate Scalapay on your site!


Please, before checking our guide on How to Go Live, make sure you select the right Platform for your Shopware store!

Shopware v5 Go Live Guide

To Enable and activate the plugin:

  • Go to Configurations and click on Payment methods
  • In the window that will open, Click on Scalapay on the left menu
  • In the General Section, you will find the field "Activate", which you will have to flag
  • Now, come back to Configurations, and click on Plugin Manager
  • Click on "Installed", choose Scalapay and open the Configurations
  • Look for the field Scalapay Test/Live Mode and change it to "Live"
  • Insert the Live API Key

Shopware v6 Go Live Guide

Activate Live mode

Go into Scalapay settings, switch to Live mode and insert your production API key. You're live and can now start receiving orders with Scalapay!



To activate the API key, you'll need:

  • The Scalapay ID of a successful test order
  • Screenshot of the product page and cart where you see the Scalapay text (widget)
  • Screenshot of the Scalapay payment method at checkout
  • Compliance with our GDPR policy