Scalapay provides a ready-to-install extension for your BigCommerce store.
Plugin Installation
Plugin Configuration

⇲ Plugin Installation

To install Scalapay app for BigCommerce, follow these steps.

  • Login to your BigCommerce back-end
  • Go to Apps > Marketplace and search for Scalapay
  • Open Scalapay and click on Get this app

Once the app is correctly installed, visit the My apps section and click on Launch: the tab dedicated to the configurations of Scalapay will open.
After the first access and after completing the configuration steps, you will easily find Scalapay in the list of the apps on the left side menu.

Now it's time to configure the app!

✔ Plugin Configuration



When the app is installed, it is disabled by default, the Test mode is activated and the default test API key is inserted.

Only the products agreed for contractual terms can be activated.
For any information or clarifications about the products that can be activated, please get in touch with your Scalapay Sales referent.

  1. According to the contractual terms agreed with Scalapay:
    • modify the default minimum and maximum amount
    • select the number of instalments
  2. Keep selected the options Show On Product Page and Show on Cart Page in order to have the Scalapay widget correctly visible.
  3. In the dropdown Mode menu, select Production, enter the production API key (please refer to your Integration Manager for any information about the live credentials) and Click on Save changes.
  4. Set Enable Scalapay Check-out to yes and confirm the activation on the pop up button.