Scalapay provides a ready-to-install extension for your VTEX store.
Plugin Installation
Plugin Configuration
❤ [Scalapay Widget] (https://developers.scalapay.com/v1.1/docs/pluginstall-vtex#-scalapay-widget)
Countries & Languages
Category Restriction

⇲ Plugin Installation

You can integrate Scalapay by following the instructions available at this link

To download the Scalapay APP on VTEX click on the link below link

✔ Plugin Configuration

How to set up a new payment method? Please click on the links below:

Step ❶: link

Step ❷: link

If you need support to integrate the plugin or if you have any specific questions or doubts, please send an email to [email protected]

❤ Scalapay Widget

How do I set up the Scalapay widget?
We have a downloadable Scalapay widget app specifically made for VTEX along with a step-by-step guide to configure it.

Download the app here, link
You can find the guide to configure the widget here, link

✈ Countries & Languages

Which languages/countries are available with Scalapay? How can I set them up?
Our plugins offer a specific section to setup languages and country availability.
Remember that we only support Italy, France, Spain and Germany for shipping. As for languages, we support IT,FR, DE, ES and EN.

Are currencies other than EUR available on Scalapay?
Not at the moment

⚠ Category Restriction

Can I change the minimum amount to enable Scalapay?
No you can't. The minimum amount is set to 5 EUR by default

Can I change the maximum amount to enable Scalapay?
if you need to change the maximum amount, please contact your contact Sales person.