How to test the refund flow

1. Make a refund

From the website backend panel, locate the order you would like to issue a refund for and:

  1. Issue the refund following the same steps typically used to issue refunds for other payment platforms.
  2. Verify the order status updates to reflect the refund.

2. Check and confirm the refund in Scalapay Partner Portal

Visit the Scalapay Partner Portal (staging environment) to confirm the Order correctly reflects the refund.


Access to Partner Portal Staging

To access to staging portal you can use the credentials in Test Environment section


If the plugin doesn't handle issuing refunds automatically you can process the refund directly form your Scalapay Partner portal. Visit our support center to learn more.


For custom implementation

If you have integrated your refund process using our refund API follow the same steps explained above to test your refund flow.