OpenCart - v1

Scalapay provides a ready-to-install extension for your OpenCart v1.
Plugin Installation
Plugin Configuration
Countries & Languages
Scalapay Widget
Category Restrictions

⇲ Plugin Installation v1

Upload Scalapay folders to related folders.


❶ Click on Extensions Navigation Bar then click on Payments

❷ Find “Scalapay” payment method in payment methods list and click on install

❸ Click on edit button to modify settings

✔ Plugin Configuration

  • To enable “Scalapay” on site, Select Enabled
    If you want to disable Scalapay on your site, select Disabled from status dropdown (same as above)

  • To enable test mode on Scalapay on site, select Test from dropdown.
    For live mode instead, choose Live from the dropdown menu.



Remember that, if you want to test and enable the Test Mode, all the following should be set as:



Remember that, if you want to enable the Live Mode, all the following should be set as:

✈ Countries & Languages

Be aware that:

The authorised countries are Austria, Belgium, Holland, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain. Contact your account manager for more information.
The only authorised currency is Euro.
Enable the languages according to the countries you operate in.

❤ Scalapay Widget

You can customise Scalapay description on Product and Cart pages in the following ways:

The text size
The logo size and color
The logo alignment
The price color

Please, note that by default, when you install the plugin, it should already have the price selectors set. In case you do not see Price Selectors set and you also cannot see Scalapay in product page, please write us by answering your personal Jira ticket or contact us here (also check before if you have not hide the widget).

⚠ Category Restrictions

Please, remember that minimum and maximum amount should be set as per your contractual agreement. In case you would like to change min or max, reach out to your Sales referent or contact us here.