Scalapay provides a ready-to-install extension for your nopCommerce store.
Plugin Installation
Plugin Configuration
Scalapay Widget
Countries & Languages
Category Restriction

⇲ Plugin Installation

Download the appropriate version of our nopCommerce plugin for your store:

✔ Configure your Plugin

❶ Upload “Payments.Scalapay” plugin folder in Plugins folder on the server.
❷ Reload all plugins from admin.

❸ After login to admin, go to configurations and then select plugins section.

❹ Find “Scalapay” plugin in plugins list.

❺ Click on configuration button for settings to modify.

By default, test mode is already enabled and Test API Key is set for the staging environment.

❤ Scalapay Widget


Go to Payment, Payment methods and then Select "Scalapay product settings".
You could customize Scalapay description on Product and Cart pages in the following ways:

  • The text size
  • The logo size and color
  • The logo alignment
  • The price color

The Price Selectors field is used to add class or combination of class pairs to get the final product price on which to apply Scalapay installments.

Inspect the price element to retrieve the correct price class name: current-price > span.
In the example case, Scalapay module will get the price within the span tag which is 28,72 and divide it by the number of installments to be displayed in the Scalapay installments description. You can also add multiple price selectors by separating them with commas.


By Default, Scalapay description is already set on the Checkout page. No changes are needed. However if you want to update the text you can simply go to module files located at modules/scalapay/translations/, edit the file and save after updating text.

✈ Countries & Languages


❶ After login to admin, go to configurations and then select languages section

❷ All languages will be list like that and there is an option View String Resources available for all system languages. By clicking on any view string resources will display related language resources.

❸ Selected Language resources will be displayed like that.

❹ Scalapay plugin titles will be displayed in selected language. As there is Italian Selected. If we will select English, then content will be displayed in English for Scalapay.

⚠ Category Restriction

In Scalapay plugin configuration, a minimum and maximum amount are set, as default, for displaying and authorizing Scalapay payment on your e-commerce platform.
The minimum amount for displaying the Scalapay plugin and accepting payments is set to 5€. This amount cannot be modified.
Set the maximum amount based on your contract.
Set the number of installments based on your contract.