Launch Scalapay - Go Live Guide

Wait, your work is not finished yet 😉

Follow these steps to activate Scalapay in your website!

Go Live Guide

LOGIN to your Scalapay Partner Portal. (login credentials sent to you by the Scalapay integration team).

Copy your LIVE API Key. In the 'Developer' section of your account, you can retrieve your production API key (starting with sp_').

Following GIF as a guide to find the key:

Replace the Test token bearer with the newly recovered API key

Change the Endpoint from Test to Production

❺ Make sure that, in the Order Creation call, the fields "Type", "Product" and "Frequency" are correctly filled in according to the contractual provisions

Congratulations! Now Scalapay is LIVE on your website! Sit back and wait for your first order!😎



For all your support after the integration please contact us here and please visit our FAQ page to answer to all your doubts.