Set your configuration at checkout with API

To complete the configuration with API, you need to set 3 API calls:

create order
This POST call is mandatory to create the order. In this call, your website sends all the order information to our server (name and surname of customer, total order, date, items, shipping, ) and will generate an order token. At this moment, the client is redirected to Scalapay website to authorize the payment with a 200 code.

get order details
This GET call checks the status of order. It requests data and confirmation that the payment has been authorized. In these few seconds, Scalapay algorithm makes a real time check on the payment method used. If the payment has been authorized, Scalapay will send a success url to your website.

capture order
This POST call is the final one and is mandatory to correctly finalize the order. Once capture call is made, the first charge is deducted from the user account and the order status goes in Charged.


API Simulator

In this section, you can find the API Simulator that consent you to test the API call and to know for each API Call of your web, how Scalapay will respond.