The integration of the Scalapay app is faster than ever!


Shopify widget installation consists of 2 mandatory steps:

  1. PART 1: Installation of the Checkout Payment APP
  2. PART 2: Installation of the widget APP

This means that you will need to install two different APPs (for the Checkout and widget), both available on the Shopify Store. Together they will allow you to benefit of the entire Scalapay payment experience.


⇲ Install the Apps

First, you need to install the app by going to the "Settings" of your Shopify store. Next, go to the "Payments" section and select "Alternative Payments." You can now search for Scalapay, click on it and install the app.

If needed, please find here:

✔ Activate the App

Once your app is installed, you will need to activate it via your Scalapay app settings.

You will then be redirected to a Scalapay page where you need to enter your API Key.
This API key must be activated by a Scalapay Integration Manager and can be found in your Merchant Scalapay Portal ( in the "Developers" section.

If you are not a Scalapay Merchant please register on our website



The plugin allows you to activate only the product/s agreed as per contract terms.
If you wish to activate another Scalapay product, please get in touch with your Scalapay Sales referent.

✔ Test and Go Live

Your Scalapay app is now activated and ready to go!

Before making it available to your customers, we highly recommend you to enable the "Test mode" in the Scalapay app settings. You will then be able to run some test orders using our documentation here (Test Cards).

You can then unselect the "Test mode" and select Go live


Be Careful: this is only STEP 1

Now that you implemented the first Shopify APP for the checkout, you will need to install and configure the second Shopify APP for the widget in product and cart page

-> Continue the Scalapay Shopify installation at this link:


Due to Shopify's limitations, Scalapay will appear as available for any amount and for any address.

If the customer tries to place an order over the authorized amount or from a not allowed country, an error message will show up and the purchase will not be completed.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to customize in any way the Shopify checkout.



Continue the Scalapay Shopify installation at this link: