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Scalapay provides a ready-to-install extension for your Magento 1 store.
Plugin Installation
Plugin Configuration
Countries & Languages
Scalapay Widget
Category Restriction

⇲ Plugin Installation

Download the latest version of our Magento1 plugin

Please follow these installation steps to install the Scalapay module by FTP/SFTP
Step 1: Login on server by FTP/SFTP
Step 2: Copy all the Scalapay folders and files and upload them in Magento root folder

✔ Configure your plugin

Go to the System menu (at the top of the page)

  • Select Configuration
  • Go to Sales (in the left-sided configuration menu)
  • Select Payment Methods


  • Open “Scalapay” payment tab
  • Select Yes in the drop down for Enabled
  • Then click on Save Config at the top of the page

✈ Set authorised countries, languages and currencies

Before setting Countries, Languages and Currencies on the Scalapay module, be aware that:

  • The authorised countries where Scalapay is Live are Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Contact your account manager for more information.
  • The only authorised currency is Euro.

To display Scalapay only for one or morespecific Countries follow these steps:

❶ Go to “System”(in left side menu heading)

  • “Configuration”
  • “Sales”(in left side configuration menu heading)
  • “Payment Methods”

❷ Select “Country settings: enable for following countries”, then select Italy and France

❸ Select “Language settings: enable for following languages”, then select Italian and French as languages

❹ Select “Currency”, then select Euro

❺ Then Save Config at the top of the page

❤ Scalapay widget


Go to System (on left side menu heading)

1 Configuration
2 Sales (in left side configuration menu heading)
3 Scalapay settings > Product Page Settings

    To select the correct price to use for the installment calculation add the appropriate selectors in the box Product Page - Price Selectors.
    To add new price css selector add new selectors in order of priority to use. Find all your price selectors (normal price, special price etc) and paste them in the box separated by comma.

Use the second box Product Page - Price selector when prices are loaded by ajax. Remember to use the selector that doesn’t change dynamically.


To change Scalapay widget position change the css selector in Product Page - Text Position textarea. Selector .price-box is selected by default.

To hide scalapay widget on product page, Select No in Show Scalapay widget on product page dropdown.

  • LOGO

Choose to display Scalapay logo


To display an additional text below the widget


For the cart page setting follow the same instructions as above.


If you need help identifying the right selector on your website please contact our integration team.


Do not change text in the default settings or translation will not apply. If you wish to change text for a specific language please select specific configuration from the dropdown menu on the left.

Using the configurations available for checkout page, you can choose to Enable the Show Title in Payment Method Description and, for Pay in 3 and Pay in 4 products, to Enable the Hide Installment Amount field.
According to how you configure the above mentioned fields, you will be able to update the way Scalapay payment method is visualized at checkout.

⚠ Category Restrictions

Go to API and category restrictions to set up:

  • The maximum order amount (Modify based on your contract)
  • The minimum order amount (Fixed to 5)
  • The number of instalments (Based on your contract)
  • The categories on which you want to show Scalapay's widget and payment method

What’s Next

What's left to do?