How to test the order flow

Make sure to place an order and test that your order flow is correct

1. Place an order with Scalapay

  1. Choose a product. Has to be below maximum amount
  2. Fill up cart with fake data
  3. Select Scalapay at checkout as a payment methods
  4. Login to Scalapay with testing user (like user used to login into Scalapay Customer Portal) or follow the flow to create new one
  5. Insert testing cards data to complete order - using the card in Test cards section
  6. Confirm that you've been redirected on the confirmation page of your site

2. Check the order in Scalapay Integration Partner Portal

If you have one, visit your Scalapay Integration Partner Portal (sandbox) to confirm the order appears in your dashboard.


Integration Partner Portal

All standard plugins provide the API key and endpoint data necessary to carry out the testing, access to Integration Partner Portal is not necessary.

If, for any reason, a custom Partner Portal is required, please ask for more information to your Scalapay Integration Manager.


Or, also:

Also it's possible to check the order status via our API request.