Pay by link

The Pay by link allows merchants to send to the customer a link for the payment in installments with Scalapay.

While the Pay by link is available within the Scalapay Partner portal as a ready-to-use functionality we also offer an API that allows you to integrate it custom within your system.

Pay by link via Scalapay partner portal

This functionality allows you to send automatically via SMS the link for the payment to your customer.

Each link has 24 hours validity, this means that the customer can complete the order within this timeframe. Once the order is paid, the order status is updated in the Partner portal.

How it works

  1. Log in to your Scalapay Partner portal
  2. Visit the "Pay by link" section within the left side menu
  3. Click on "Create order"
  4. Fill out the Pay by link form (mandatory fields in red) and click on "Create Order". The just created order is appears as Pending in the list of Pay by link orders



"Order ID"

This field is important for the reconciliation purposes. You can fill this field with your order reference

"Do you want to send the link to pay for the order to the customer's mobile phone?"

This field allows you to decide whether you want to automatically send via SMS the payment link to the customer phone number.
If you select the option "Not send", the payment link will be created in the portal, but not sent to the customer. To send the link, visit the Pay By Link section, pick the desider order and click on "Send link"



If the functionality is not present within you Scalapay Partner portal, please contact us here.

Pay by link custom

Using our Pay by link API you can integrate the pay by link functionality within your system: this means that you will be able to send the payment link to the client via SMS directly from your backend.

Pay by link API at a glance:

  • POST call,
  • no need for further API integrations to handle the order flow.

How it works

Check out the Pay by link API documentation available at this link.

As a Travel merchant, it is mandatory to add the following fields in the Extensions parameter:

AttributeTypeAccepted values
industryobjectThe only accepted values is "industry"
travelobjectThe only accepted value is "travel"

Please find below a full example of the Pay by link API for Travel merchants

    "totalAmount": {  
        "amount": "1500.00",
        "currency": "EUR"
    "consumer": {  
        "phoneNumber": "0400000001",
        "givenNames": "Joe",
        "surname": "Consumer",
        "email": "[email protected]"
    "billing": {  
        "name": "Joe Consumer",
        "line1": "Via della Rosa, 58",
        "suburb": "Montelupo Fiorentino",
        "postcode": "50056",
        "countryCode": "IT",
        "phoneNumber": "0400000000"
    "shipping": {  
             "name": "Tours Islands",
             "category": "Honeymoon Trips",
             "brand": "Tour Operator Name",
             "sku": "12341234",
             "quantity": 1,
             "price": {
                 "amount": "1500.00",
                 "currency": "EUR"
    "discounts": [
            "displayName": "10% Off",
            "amount": {
                "amount": "150.00",
                "currency": "EUR"
    "merchant": {
        "redirectConfirmUrl": "",
        "redirectCancelUrl": ""
    "merchantReference": "merchantOrder-1234",
     "taxAmount": {  
        "amount": "3.70",
        "currency": "EUR"
     "shippingAmount": {  
         "amount": "10.00",
         "currency": "EUR"
    "orderExpiryMilliseconds": 6000000,
    "channel": "",
        "number": 1,
    "extensions": {
                "startDate": "2023-11-30"
                "endDate": "2023-12-07"
        "type": {
            "link": {
                "notification": {
                    "phoneCountryCode": "+39",
                    "phoneNumber": "3491865100",
                    "preferredLanguage": "italiano",
                    "channels": ["sms"]