Launch Scalapay - Go Live Guide

Wait, your work is not finished yet 😉
Follow here these steps to activate Scalapay in your website!

Go Live Guide

❶ Log in to your Scalapay Partner Portal using the login credentials sent to you by the Scalapay integration team.
❷ Go to the “Developer” tab. Copy and paste your live API key into the Scalapay module on your e-commerce website by using the following GIF as a guide to find the key. Put the API KEY in the “Live API Key” section. Don't forget to disable the Test mode.


❸ Go to the “Merchant” tab and check if your IBAN is correctly written in the “Bank Account” section (in the Company Data section). In case it was not present, I advise you to enter it to start receiving payments.
If you want to modify the IBAN, email [email protected].

Congratulations! Now Scalapay is LIVE on your website! Sit back and wait for your first order!😎

Please visit our FAQ page to answer to all your doubts