Custom Integration

Here you can find the instructions to integrate Scalapay custom on your website: this integration allows you to offer to your clients to buy with Scalapay on your website!


To get the most out of Scalapay and increase average order value and conversion rate as much as possible, the API flow to correctly process the order is just one part of the implementation.
It is in fact mandatory that you make Scalapay visible in all major touch points throughout the purchase process on your website.

Install the Scalapay widget on product page/listing page, cart page/recap page and at checkout

Plase visit the pages dedicated to the widget installation to understand how easily you can install and configure it:

Set up the API flow

Plase visit the pages dedicated to the API flow set upto understand how easily you can integrate Scalapay APIs:

Test your integration with our API Test Environment

Complete Go Live Checklist

Launch Scalapay following our guide!