Welcome to the Scalapay integration documentation!

We work to make the integration of Scalapay into your platform as quick and easy as possible. Whether you have a popular platform or a custom one, integrating Scalapay will be really simple.

What is Scalapay?

Scalapay is a payment method that allows customers to pay for their order in installments over a short period of time.

The service is completely free for customers who pay on time, thus helping them to spend responsibly without incurring interest or fees.

Pay in 3 instalments, without interests
Pay in 4 instalments, without interests

To get the most out of Scalapay and increase average order value and conversion rates as much as possible, we recommend integrating our solution into the three main touch points of the purchasing process:

  • On product page
  • On shopping cart page
  • On payment gateway



  • The authorised countries are:

Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

Contact your account manager for more information.

  • The only authorised currency is: Euro.
  • Enable the languages according to the countries you operate in.

Go to this page to find out How to get started with Scalapay!


Scalapay's services status page

Do you want to be always updated about the status of Scalapay services and be informed about services upgrades and scheduled maintenances?

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