Reservation Systems

Scalapay is already integrated in several Reservation Systems, please check the list below.

If your website is based on one of these Reservation Systems, activation will be easy and straighforward. It will be enough to follow the steps indicated by your Integration Manager to enable the service.

➙ Be Safe
➙ Booking Expert
➙ Booking Designer
➙ D-Edge
➙ Ermes Hotel
➙ Holeldoor
➙ Inreception
➙ Iperbooking
➙ MrPreno
➙ MyguestCare
➙ Opentur
➙ Natural Booking
➙ Passepartout
➙ Simple Booking
➙ Skyperformance
➙ Travel Compositor
➙ Travio
➙ Vertical Booking
➙ Webhotelier



The activation procedure varies from one Booking Engine to the other.

Nevertheless there are just a few important information that you wil need to have to correctly activate Scalapay:

  • Scalapay API key, available in the Developer section of your Scalapay portal, starting with sp_
  • Scalapay Product to Activate (example: Pay in 3, Pay in 4)
  • Minimum and Maximum amount agreed with Scalapay, as per contractual terms