You can access the reconciliation report either from the Merchant Portal or through the Transaction API

In the Payments section of the Merchant Portal , you will find the details of each payment made by you, correspondent to the relative orders, and Scalapay refunds of the day

(if this section is not available contact the administrator of your account to request access)

Details of wire transfers

Each transfer is identified with a Transaction ID which will be useful for tracing the details of orders and refunds in the next session.


Transaction details

In the details of the transactions, the orders and refunds contained in each of the transfers are available. Simply use the search bar to filter the list and view the contents of a particular transfer.

It is possible to search by Scalapay Order ID using the 'Order ID' search bar while you can use the filter to filter the list by transaction ID, merchant order ID etc.

If by any chance the order is not available in the list, it is recommended to expand the data.


It is possible to generate a CSV export by clicking on the Download CSV in the respective lists.

The following amounts are available for each transaction:

Gross Import: initial amount relating to the purchase or refund (example: EUR 100 customer order).

Net Import: amount contained in the transfer relating to the order (or refund). This is the gross amount minus the commission charged at the time of purchase. If the gross amount and the net amount coincide, the commissions will be debited at the end of the month.

Total commissions: total amount of all commissions related to the transaction (including VAT). Within the report you can find the details of the commissions.

Scalapay commissions (and VAT): Commissions retained for the Scalapay service and related VAT.

Other commissions (and VAT): Other commissions retained and VAT (if applicable).


For more detailed information please refer to the following article:

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