Merchant Portal

The Scalapay partner portal allows you to:

❶ Consult a detailed list of every transaction, order and payment from Scalapay

From the personal dashboard, you can download a complete CSV of your orders. It's also possible to issue a partial or complete refund directly from the dashboard.

❷ Add new users

Clicking on Users Management allows you to add new users that can have access to the same portal. You can give the new users different permissions, accordingly to your needs.

❸ Retrieve your API key

If you updated your plugin and lost your API key or it's the first time you're enabling Scalapay on your store, you can retrieve your personal API key clicking on Developer

❹ Visualize information about your company

By clicking on Merchant you can:

  • Visualize details about your company. If you need to change some data (i.e. Display Name) please contact our support
  • Upload or update your IBAN to receive payments from Scalapay
  • Upload the logo or the image of your company ( needed for marketing purposes)

For any other questions, please check out our F.A.Q. page or contact us at mailto:[email protected]

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