Items Object


orderStatusstringStatus of the order
orderTokenLast4stringLast 4 digits of the Scalapay order number
orderCreatedDatedatetimeDate and time of order creation in in ISO 8601 format.
typestringAccepted values: online or offline
productstringWhich Scalapay product is being called
Accepted values: pay-in-3 , pay-in-4 , later
merchantReferencestringUnique reference that identifies merchant order
captureStatusstringStatus of amount open to capture
captureAmountamountAmount captured
transferIDstringUnique reference that identifies the transfer
merchantPayoutTokenstringUnique reference that identifies the payout
transationDatedatetimeDate and time the transaction was sent in in ISO 8601 format.
grossAmountAmountTotal amount
netAmountAmountAmount without the fees
totalFeeAmountAmountTotal amount of fees
scalapayFeeAmountAmountTotal amount of Scalapay fees
scalapayFeeTaxAmountAmountTax amount of the Scalapay fees
otherFeeAmountAmountTotal amount of other fees
otherFeeTaxAmountAmountTax amount of other fees