HTTP Status Codes

The Scalapay API uses the conventional HTTP status codes to indicate success or failure of an API request.

HTTP Status CodeDescription
200-299The request was processed successfully
400-499The request was not valid (e.g. a required parameter was missing).
500-599The request could not be processed for an unexpected reason.


Returns a JSON object and an appropriate HTTP status code.

Please note that the human-readable textual messages included within the error object are improved over time. For validation and mapping purposes, please use the error code or HTTP status code values.

errorCodestringThe type of error returned. E.g.: order_amount_exceeds_maximum_limit
errorIdstringA unique error ID
messagestringA human-readable message which provides more details about the error. In most cases, these messages can be displayed to the end user.
httpStatusCodeintegerThe HTTP status code
    "errorCode": 400,
    "errorId": "error-sktwiapnkhy2ynv8",
    "message": "startDate cannot be greater than endDate",
    "httpStatusCode": 400