Pay by link Order Details Object

itemsarrayOrder items list. See Item
billingAddressBilling informations
consumer[Consumer] ( informations
merchantMerchantMerchant urls informations
shippingAddressShipping informations
discountsarrayDiscount list. See Discount
taxAmountAmountTotal tax amount
totalAmountAmountTotal order amount
shippingAmountAmountTotal shipping amount
merchantReferencestringUnique reference that identifies merchant order
productstringWhich Scalapay product is being called
Accepted values: pay-in-3 , pay-in-4
frequency[Frequency] ( of installments
channelsArray Enum( sms | email | push | qrcode)type of sending request
preferredLanguageStringLanguage in which we want to send the message (e.g.: IT)
phoneCountryCodeStringphone number prefix (e.g. +39)
phoneNumberIntphone number without prefix