Test Environments

Scalapay Customer Portal

Scalapay Customer Portal is the portal used by the customer to access to Scalapay payment service:

  • Manage account information
  • Manage orders
  • Manage payments

The url to access to this portal is: https://portal.integration.scalapay.com/



Phone Number: a valid phone number
Email: a valid email

Scalapay Integration Partner Portal

Scalapay Integration Partner Portal is the portal used by the merchant to manage:

  • orders finalized using Scalapay as a payment method,
  • stores (for Scalapay instore funcionality),
  • users,
  • payouts.

All standard plugins provide the API key and endpoint data necessary to carry out the testing, access to Integration Partner Portal is not necessary.

If, for any reason, a custom Partner Portal is required, please ask for more information to your Scalapay Integration Manager.

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