Shopify - Scalapay widget

To enjoy the full Scalapay experience, you must have the Widget on your website.

A specific App is under development and will be released soon

Our Shopify specialist will request access to your Shopify store. Once granted, they will install the Widget on your Product and Cart page in less than 48 hours.


The Scalapay widget will appear on the product page for all of your products.
The text and pop-up are controlled by Scalapay. Widget integration will be completed by our team.



The same widget also appears in the cart page.



Scalapay will appear as a payment method at checkout thanks to the app you have installed.

Due to Shopify's limitations, Scalapay will appear as available for any amount and for any address.


If the customer tries to place an order over the authorized amount or from a not allowed country, an error message will show up and the purchase will not be completed.