Plugin Installation

Read these instructions to correctly configure Scalapay on your Prestashop 1.6 store



Once you have installed and configured the plugin, be sure

Install your plugin

  1. Login at your admin panel , the URL should be
  1. After successfully login to backend admin, select from left navigation Module and services
  2. On the module list page click on Add a new module:
  1. Click on the browse button and upload your file previously downloaded.
  2. Scalapay module will be successfully uploaded and a directory will be created at modules/scalapay on clicking “Upload this module”.
  3. Install module by clicking on Proceed with installation
  1. After installation, you will be redirected to Scalapay configurations tab.

How to install Scalapay from Staging server

After a successful installation and configuration on staging, you can easily reinstall that plugin on your production environment by downloading it using ftp:

  1. Download the Scalapay folder on your local machine
  2. Simply zip the directory and install from the backend admin panel as explained above in the document